• Fall Semester StartsAugust 29th, 2016
    New students may register for classes starting Monday, August 29.

    The Career Technical Education program offers the following State Approved Certificates:

    * General Office Clerk
    * Executive Secretary/Administrative Assistant
    * Customer Service Representative
    * Maintenance and Repair Workers

    Click on the green tab at the top of this page title "State Certificates" to read more information and to check how many courses you need to take to complete the certificates. You might discover that you need just a few courses to complete a State Approved Certificate.

    Ask any Career Technical Education Instructor or Instructional Assistant for more details about these special State Approved certificates.

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    "...I just picked up my certificate for completing all 3 classes of Computer Networking, and Repair, A+ Preparation. I really enjoyed all my classmates, teachers and school. Thank you very much to all of you. Stay in school and be there as much as you can. I personally will come back next semester to college. Good luck." Alejandro Morales, Student in the Career Technical Education Program

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Maintenance and Repair Workers

Maintenance and Repair Workers Certificate: This series of courses provides students with skills in maintenance, repair, upgrading, and networking of personal computers.  The open-entry/open-exit instructional format emphasizes functional operations of hardware and software components, hands-on experience with upgrading and repair of computers, setting up home and small office networks, and troubleshooting most technical problems.

Classes required for the Maintenance and Repair Workers Certificate
VBUS 450 Hardware and Software A+ Preparation, Review, Practice
VBUS 574 Computer Basics: Hardware and Software
VBUS 576 Computer Basics: Systems and Networking Essentials
Elective (See instructor for more information)
VBUS 400 Employability Skills (Optional)

11 Responses

  1. Hi I’m interested in Computer Maintenance and Repair when would be a good time to see the instructor would it be to late to register to get into class? And there is not self study on this correct?

    • Yes, anyone can still sign up for Computer Maintenance and Repair Certificate classes providing that there is still room in the class, and provided that the Instructor approves. Please come to the classroom on the day of the class to talk with the instructor and to determine if there is still room in the class. Please see the class schedules below:

      VBUS 450 Hardware & Software A + Prep Review* M/T 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm E-106

      VBUS 574 Computer Basics: Hardware and Software* F /S 8:00 am – 12:00 pm 8:00 am – 1:00 pm E-106

      VBUS 576 Computer Basics: Systems and Networking* W/TH 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm E-106

  2. Hello,
    What is the fee?how long does the program take?

    • Hello Reza,

      All our programs are free.

      You can take a course as an independent study which means that you come in at your own schedule. If you do this, it will depend on how much time you devote to your studies.

      If you enroll in a teacher led class, then you must attend the class on the designated dates and times. To view a current schedule of our Fall 2014 offerings:

      1. Go to our web site: https://ceclab.wordpress.com.
      2. Point at the green tab titled ‘Classes’ located at the top of the page.
      3. Click “Centennial Education Center Schedule” to view the Fall schedule of classes.

      This schedule shows the complete listing of our course offerings, and the times and dates these courses are offered.

      Barbara Barone, Instructor

  3. Do I need to be registered at Santa Ana College to attend these classes?

    • Dear Jose,

      No, you do not need to be registered at Santa Ana College to attend these classes. Instead, you register for these classes in person with the instructor.


  4. Can I take, VBUS 450, 574, 576 at the same time.

    • Dear William,

      Thank you for your interest in the Computer Maintenance and Repair State Certificate. The Instructor will need to approve your request to take VBUS 450, 574 and 576 at the same time. It may be possible so I encourage you to come in and speak with the Instructor. You would go to room E106 on the day and time that the class is scheduled to talk with the Computer Maintenance and Repair Instructor.

      Best Regards,

      Barbara Barone, Computer Lab Instructor

    • Yes you can because they are offered at different times and day

  5. I am new here, would you please tell me how to sign up for this class?

    • Hi Paul,

      You may register for the Maintenance and Repair Workers classes. First, stop by the computer lab in Building E, Room 108. We can provide you with a list of class times and dates.

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